Sessions and Fees

Counselling or Therapy/Short-Term or Long-Term

room3Therapy aims to explore the whole person allowing all aspects of their lives, relationships, internal thoughts, feelings, and experiences both past and present, to be explored.

Short term or time-limited counselling is usually focussed on one or two specific issues or themes. We would work together to agree the aims for the work. This would normally continue for between 4 and 12 sessions. The arrangement is always open to re-negotiation and you can decide if you wish to stop earlier or carry on longer.

A more open-ended length to therapy is often chosen by clients who wish to have a deeper understanding of issues that are bothering them. There is always discussion and opportunities to review and decide if an ending is appropriate. The aim is to help make permanent changes internally as well as externally.

I adhere to the code of ethics of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy –

Sessions last for 50 minutes and are weekly. I offer evening and daytime sessions to suit you.

Fee structure:

I charge a fee of £45-£60 per 50 minute session (the counselling hour).

I reserve a certain number of concessionary sessions and this can be discussed on the telephone or during the initial session.

You can arrange the first session using the contact form.