About Claire, counsellor and psychotherapist at Insight Counselling Brighton

Getting in Touch with a Therapist

It’s not always easy making the first step to see a counsellor or therapist. There can still be a social stigma surrounding mental health, but attitudes are changing. People decide to contact a therapist for a huge variety of reasons, perhaps relationship issues, feelings of loneliness, low mood for unexplained reasons, work stress, trauma – recent or historic and the impact on present day and of course, bereavement and loss. It can feel terribly hard coping alone and often taking the first step to making contact with a therapist can feel the hardest.

I am a counsellor and psychotherapist working in private practice in Hove.  I work with people from all walks of life in a way that respects culture, values, beliefs, choices and sexual orientation.

My practice is constantly developing and I keep my professional training up to date with pertinent therapy issues, by research and attending training courses.

Before becoming a therapist, I worked in education; teaching young people, training adults and providing consultancy. Therefore I value professional development and seek learning experiences to improve and broaden my competence, knowledge and skills.


Counselling and Therapy Rooms

I see clients in a comfortable, quiet and confidential therapy room in West Hove (Benji the dog pictured will not be present in the therapy room during your session, but is usually at home).

We can discuss in the first session or by email/phone call what your requirements and expectations for counselling are.

Do get in touch if you would like to ask questions or make an appointment. Details on the contact page.

Some Areas of Specialist Focus

Ethical Non-monogamous Relationships

Are you thinking about becoming non-monogamous, but want to do it consciously and ethically? It is important to understand what the different types of relationships could look like and how this might affect your current or future relationship. Issues around jealousy, time, fairness, trust and connection can arise.

Perhaps you are already in a non-monogamous relationship and wish to discuss aspects of it or need support.

Claire has extensive experience working with individuals within polyamorous and open relationships. Counselling for open relationships can be energising whilst also bringing up some more difficult emotions. No relationships are alike and Claire will hold a very safe place for you to explore what is true for you, without bias or judgment. For further information read the this blog article on ethical non-monogamy.

Fertility, pregnancy and loss

FertilityI have particular experience working with women encountering fertility issues, pregnancy loss and difficulties during pregnancy.
I also have wide knowledge of donor assisted pregnancies and can offer support through this sometimes complicated and emotionally confusing time. Get in touch for further details.


The menopause can be a particularly challenging time in a women’s life. Although it is now beginning to be discussed on the media, women often feel totally unprepared and this can leave women feeling isolated and confused about their symptoms and the feelings associated with the changes happening to them. If you feel you’d appreciate talking with Claire about the impact the menopause has on your life, get in touch.



LGBTI have both personal history and professional experience of supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in relationships or with those who are exploring their sexual and gender identity. My approach is inclusive, affirming and sex positive. Do get in touch if you are facing any concerns that can affect LGBT people in their lives.

Coping with Grief and Bereavement

There are many ways to feel the loss of someone or something and it can be extremely painful. You may experience a wide range of emotions, some which could surprise you. It can feel like the sadness and pain will never end, you might feel anger you have never felt before. Speaking to a counsellor may help you consider ways to go forward and cope with the loss.
This article on Grief and Bereavement may be helpful.


I know first-hand how redundancy can affect you emotionally. During and following redundancy people can go through serious feelings of loss and a resulting crash in confidence and confusion around identity. It can feel similar to a bereavement. Speaking to someone about this can help you process the feelings and get your life back on track.

More information about how counselling can help you can be found on the Home Page.


I am able to offer both in person sessions in my therapy room in Hove and also online therapy for those who require it.

Online therapy is also a good option for people who live further afield and is a very successful alternative when face to face therapy isn’t possible. See my Online Therapy blog post for further information.


I have been offering counselling and therapy for over twelve years and working in private practice for eight years, offering long or short term counselling and psychotherapy to adults and young people living in Brighton and Hove and surrounding areas.

Previously, I provided therapy at the Rock Clinic in Brighton and at a Secondary school in Brighton (part of YMCA).


Training and Qualifications include:

  • PGDip – Psychodynamic Therapeutic Counselling – Brighton University
  • BEd (Hons) Primary Education – University of North London (now Metropolitan)
  • Foundations of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Certificate in Couple Counselling – Link Centre

I am a registered member of BACP and adhere to their code of Ethics to offer a safe, confidential and non-judgemental counselling environment. As a counsellor I am in regular supervision. This is an essential part of my work. It means that I can uphold the highest standards of care for my clients’ well-being.