Staff Well-being – Looking after Mental Health in the Workplace

February 20, 2018

mental healthCounselling for your Employees

Do you own or manage a business?
Do you have a team of staff who you care about?
Are you concerned about staff well-being?

To create a mentally healthy workplace you need to develop a comprehensive strategy that:

• promotes wellbeing for all staff
• tackles work-related mental health problems
• supports staff who are experiencing mental distress.

By doing this, you will create a place your employees want to work in and where they can perform well.

Some questions to ask yourself and others:

Do you think that work has an impact on your mental wellbeing?
Do you think that your mental wellbeing has an impact on your ability to do your work?
Have you noticed work having an effect on your colleagues’ mental wellbeing?

Organisations such as Mind produce information to help employers find the right way to introduce healthier work environments and make a big difference.

As well as developing a mental health policy and building awareness, you may at times wish to provide access for your employees to a BACP registered, experienced counsellor.

Contact Insight Counselling for counselling for your employees

Claire works in private practice in Hove and Brighton. She has frequently taken on clients who are introduced by the employer, manager or HR department. A contract for number of sessions and fees can be agreed in advance and the employee is then treated as a normal client with full confidentiality.
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